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"The European Parliament has voted, with a large majority, in favour of the adoption of the milk package. This decision was necessary following the serious crisis that the dairy sector underwent in 2008-2010. It allows suitable preparations to be made in relation to the dairy sector prior to the expiry of dairy quotas in 2015. The milk package, as it results from negotiations between the Council and Parliament, marks a true step forward for dairy producers, giving them much greater bargaining power than they had previously. They are now able to group together in order to have greater clout in negotiations with processors and distributors. I am also pleased with other ambitious measures that were agreed, such as the recognition of inter-branch organisations, which allows for a facilitated dialogue between all actors in the supply chain. I also refer to the European Union granting producers of cheeses under protected designation of origin (PDO) or protected geographical indication (PGI) status the right to manage their own production volumes. It is an arrangement that will undoubtedly contribute to the economic prosperity of our rural regions."@en1

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