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"Mr President, I reiterate: the food programme must be extended indefinitely. Our credibility is linked to the solidarity we show, and more so in a crisis period. Nobody can reasonably deny this, nor will they be able to. We know the disappointing and bitter figures. What poor person cares about the legal basis, or the ruling, or the common agricultural policy or the social dimension? Are we going to explain it to them? I do not want to and I cannot. We do not provide any justification for not giving, ladies and gentlemen, but we want to justify the fact that now we are taking away what we once gave them, and this is truly inexplicable. I ask for justice and I ask for compassion. We cannot reduce the EUR 500 million, because it is needed. For poor people, the situation is not a crisis. It is critical, and it affects the most vulnerable of them: old people, children, the sick, the homeless, those without power, without medicines and without food. React, ladies and gentlemen of the Council, react. I do not see any poor person sitting in the Council, Mr President."@en1

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