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". Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, may I first express my thanks – to you, too, Mr Barnier – for the cooperative manner in which our deliberations were conducted. The background to this report is, of course, that for a single market Europe needs a Single Euro Payments Area. This has shown how long it takes when people refuse and delay European standards instead of creating them together. As Ms in 't Veld quite rightly said, all this could actually have been done faster; we could probably have achieved something for consumers more quickly, and it did not need to take this long for small and medium-sized enterprises to get the necessary standard. The big question now is what will happen with regard to the right of return. Here in Parliament, we wanted the right to return direct debits to be unconditional. Thankfully, that is the next thing the Commission is to look into. However, it is important that the unconditional return rights can remain at national level, because on that basis Germany can avoid the chaos inherent in migrating several hundred million existing direct debits. Secondly, it is equally important that Parliament has succeeded in ensuring that the electronic direct debit process in Germany, which is already established and which saves millions every year, can be Europeanised. Last but not least, it is also important that democracy will prevail in respect of payment flows in future. Thank you, Mr Barnier, for having accepted our proposal that the European Payment Council should no longer act alone in setting standards, but that instead payment transactions should be included in the democratic sphere. I look forward to further work in this area."@en1

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