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"I welcome the initiative taken by the European Parliament, which ought to make not just us but also the citizens aware of the growing and worrying issue of food wastage. The report addresses the issue very well. Waste is an ethical, environmental and economic problem whilst many international bodies are trying to find ways to ensure secure food supplies at a world level and whilst a part of the world’s population suffers from limited access to food. Wastage occurs along the entire food chain, from production to consumption. The report, moreover, defines five sectors: agricultural production, management and storage, processing, distribution and consumption. This wastage represents an environmental cost, since the production of unused surplus food requires the use of energy and natural resources, whilst entailing costs relating to the processing and disposal of the waste. According to a study organised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), between 95 and 115 kg of food is wasted annually per capita in Europe and North America. The respective figures for inhabitants of sub-Saharan Africa range from six to 11 kg."@en1

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