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". In today's vote, I supported the document on the European Maritime Safety Agency. The EMSA has repeatedly proved that it represents an important link in the European security system. In view of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I agree with the proposal to extend the EMSA’s powers to include the supervision of platforms extracting gas and crude oil. I also agree with the new priorities regarding which we have reached an interinstitutional compromise: the implementation of the concept of a European maritime space without barriers, the promotion of maritime professions and improvements to the safety of offshore installations. At the same time, in the context of today’s debate I would like to remind the Commission of an idea that I brought up some time ago. I propose the establishment of a joint European Centre for Maritime Education. The purpose of such a centre would be to coordinate changes to the educational programmes of tertiary maritime institutions in the European Union and to adjust them to the changing needs of maritime transport in the Community."@en1

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