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"Madam President, Mr Füle, improving human rights is part of the ‘more for more’ principle. That is why I am pleased that in future, the results of human rights consultations are to be included in the annual progress reports of the individual countries. We have just had the debate about the situation in Syria. For this reason, I wish to state quite categorically: we must learn from the mistakes we have made in dealing with the Arab despots. As we look to the East, this means: no poor compromises with Lukashenko and no shady deals with Yanukovych. We cannot countenance a new agreement while the opposition still languishes in prison. Mr Siwiec has referred to the need to strengthen civil society. We should not let this simply become a statement of good intentions. The Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership is an important component of the neighbourhood programme. A good start has been made, as recently witnessed at the meeting in Poznań. That is why it is important that we should support existing approaches at this point and call for coordination with the EU through a dedicated secretariat."@en1

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