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"I welcome the decision on the financing of ITER, which will enable the European Union to honour its international commitments and show that the two branches of its budgetary authority are able to reach a balanced agreement that preserves the rights of the European Parliament. Above all, support for this innovative project could guarantee Europe’s long-term energy independence. Financing the additional costs of the nuclear fusion research programme was a key issue in the budgetary negotiations. The result is that an additional sum of EUR 1.2 billion in commitment appropriations will be allocated to ITER over the next two years. This figure is in addition to the EUR 100 million that had already been included in the EU’s 2012 budget. The agreement reached will ensure a balanced distribution of expenditure, the resources for which will come from the following areas: EUR 100 million will be covered by redeployments for the year 2012 and EUR 850 million by 2011 budgetary surpluses. The remaining additional costs will be met by the 2013 budget."@en1

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