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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to express my thanks to Mr Sturdy for his report, in which he provides a very good overview of all the difficulties that we still have in trade. Commissioner, I should like to bring to your attention a matter that is of particular concern to me. At the mini plenary session in Brussels we had a European Parliament debate ahead of the US-EU summit and an extra debate on the Buy American clause in the American Jobs Act, which is currently before US Congress. It was somewhat awkward, because the competent commissioner was unable to be there and there was also a change of Commission representative halfway through the debate. Earlier in the debate we had expressed the concern that, because of this, the substance of our debate would not even reach the Commission. I was then astonished to hear the Commission representative tell us at last week’s meeting of the Committee on International Trade that the Commission has not even mentioned this matter. I consider this to be an outstanding example of a very serious barrier to trade. I would be extremely grateful, Commissioner, if you could raise this matter again in the Commission; we really must do everything in our power to ensure that the Commission takes Parliament’s demands seriously."@en1

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