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"Madam President, I believe it is very important that Croatia – and here I strongly agree with the opinions of all the previous speakers – is definitely one of the countries which has been best prepared for accession to the European Union. Many improvements have been introduced, in particular in recent months, and I am very grateful specifically to the Commission and to our partners in Croatia for the significant efforts that they have made. However, what concerns me is that we have clear rules in the European Union concerning the conditions that a country has to fulfil. I regret that once again we are accepting a country which has not completely met all the requirements. Therefore, I would like to make it quite clear, because I do not want to put Croatia at a disadvantage compared with the other countries, that Croatia has made more progress than most countries at the time of accession. Nevertheless, for all future accessions I would like to see rightful equality and not unfair equality. Many of the problems which we have in Europe today are caused by the fact that we have put in place effective rules which are not followed nearly often enough. I would be very grateful if we could genuinely take this into consideration for future accessions."@en1

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