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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I must honestly say that I am increasingly disappointed by the work of the Commission and the Commission President, because I feel that, in the light of the difficult situation we currently find ourselves in, there is a complete lack of European conviction and of the initiative to come up with new ideas. I am a member of the third generation since the Second World War. My children, who are two and four years old, are the fourth generation. We have learned that the worst disasters in the world are quickly forgotten. I became aware of this during the time I spent in Japan with the Committee on International Trade. All along the coast, there are warning stones which indicate where major catastrophes involving tsunamis occurred in the past. Everyone knows that tsunamis can hit anywhere and that they penetrate far into the interior of the country. Nevertheless, nuclear power stations and other facilities have been built in these areas. Tens of thousands of people died in the earthquake and tsunami, because although everyone knew about all the dreadful things that had happened in the past, they did not take them seriously or act accordingly. I am concerned that we are doing the same thing here in Europe three or four generations after the Second World War. Mr Barroso, we are in the midst of a serious crisis and you are presenting us with a Commission work programme which is almost identical to that of last year. I am convinced that you are paying no attention to major changes. When will we finally get around to enforcing European law? When will we force countries to comply with European regulations, for example? During our discussions on the euro, why has no one called on Sweden finally to join the euro? In this area, we could also start enforcing the European Treaties. We should be launching initiatives which focus on new subjects, which present the European Union in such a way that the citizens of Europe are brought on board, which give rise to new ideas, and which do not simply continue as if nothing had happened. I have to say frankly that I am very disappointed. The work programme for next year is also a disappointment. I would be very grateful if we could introduce some improvements in this area."@en1

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