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"The health of honeybees, while appearing to be a somewhat singular concern, does, in fact, have a significant impact on our environment, the preservation of the food chain and the economy. That is why I wanted to offer my support for this initiative, which raises the awareness of European players and citizens of what is indeed a specific problem, but one with far-reaching consequences. It is estimated that 84% of the plant species and 76% of food production in Europe are dependent on pollination by bees. The economic value of honey is estimated at EUR 15 billion per year. Increased mortality among honeybees is therefore a serious threat to the stability of the food chain and to an entire economy that earns its living from the production of honey-based products. That is why the Tabajdi report recommends a comprehensive analysis of the honeybee population, the beekeeping sector and colony losses in the EU. It also calls for more account to be taken of this problem in agricultural and research policies and in veterinary legislation."@en1

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