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"I thank the rapporteur for the accurate preparation of the report and for reminding us of the challenges associated with the situation of the poorest. Mr Daerden has rightly stressed the importance of the fight against poverty – poverty among Europeans is one of the main threats to social order in the 21st century. The statistics do not instil optimism. In countries commonly thought of as highly developed, millions of people suffer because of poverty. The scale of the problem is huge, so it is important to promote all initiatives which encourage action on this issue, at both national and EU level. People who are extremely poor often do not know their rights, and are therefore also unable to utilise the help available. Their situation is often the result of a course of events beyond their control, so measures to improve their situation should be undertaken largely by the state. I know the Commission’s initiative which designated the year 2010 as European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion certainly helped to intensify action to improve integration within European society. It is up to us to continue to work for the inclusion of all those who are excluded from society."@en1

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