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"Madam President, I would like to congratulate Ms Serracchiani on a very good job. Over the last few months, the matter of recasting the first railway package has been the main and perhaps the most difficult dossier with which the Committee on Transport and Tourism has had to deal. By adopting a series of compromise amendments, it has been possible to reach an agreement which demonstrates the determination of all political groups. We all wish to travel by train in a comfortable environment, safely, and as quickly as possible and, when we go to a station, to be able to buy, at one counter, a single ticket for connections involving different operators. We are determined to achieve that goal. We must, however, remember and be careful not to make mistakes. When aiming at free competition on the rail services market, we must remember that in some Member States, there are self-financed railways that do not link up to the national or European network, which have only industrial significance, and which operate on gauges which are different from the dominant one. The need to apply all the provisions of the directive to these separate lines, including unbundling, will result in a disproportionate and unreasonable burden and will disrupt and distort the purpose for which they have been developed. I therefore ask that, during the vote on Wednesday, you support Amendment 135 tabled by myself, Mr Marcinkiewicz and the European Conservatives and Reformists Group and signed by dozens of Members from various political groups and Member States."@en1

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