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"Mr President, I congratulate Ms Lambert and the shadow rapporteurs on the impetus given to this report, without which there would have been no agreement with the Council. How to go about deciding who qualifies as a family member was a key factor for my group. This needs to be defined properly to prevent abuse of the Community system for international protection. The distinction between beneficiaries of asylum and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection is essential when agreeing on who has what rights. Subsidiary protection is more limited in time than asylum, the former status providing entitlement to a shorter residence permit (one year) and the latter to a longer residence permit (three years), although both cases can be reviewed if the threat to the beneficiaries remains. The plan to remove the distinction between the two forms of protection was originally rejected by my group and by the Council, which is why we must now congratulate ourselves on the agreement reached with the rapporteur. The need to recognise the rights that legitimately belong to those that are persecuted is consistent with measures to prevent fraudulent use of the European system for international protection. We must also welcome the fact that the report sets out the need for Member States and their authorities to safeguard the best interests of minors and to extend protection to unaccompanied minors, paying particular attention to their safety, well-being and development, as well as the principle of family unity. Lastly, Mr President, the inclusion of references to persecution by customs or traditions, resulting in genital mutilation, forced abortion or forced sterilisation is a remarkable and outstanding achievement."@en1

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