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"Madam President, I fully support the proposal for a directive; it is a real breakthrough. Furthermore, Ms Angelilli’s commitment to the cause of child protection is one of the most noble objectives that a parliamentarian can undertake. Children are weak and vulnerable and therefore deserve the highest level of protection. Sexual abuse of children must be prevented with new legislative measures and punished harshly under criminal law. So-called sex tourism and child pornography are forms of exploitation which should be a matter of priority for law enforcement, including international agreements on the matter. In my opinion, all agreements with third countries on free trade and development aid must include a child protection clause. We must also focus our serious concerns on the child indoctrination that occurs in some countries suffering structural poverty, where they hand over many children, the offspring of polygamous unions, to apparently religious schools to avoid lack of food and hunger. Child assassins, child soldiers and child drug runners are among the most heinous forms of exploitation, a widespread phenomenon on two continents which has irreversible social repercussions. Programmes to rescue child victims of forced prostitution must be a political and social priority of the European Union. Line 11600 must have the commitment and unwavering support of all Member States. Madam President, I appreciate and applaud the effort and commitment of the Council, but I particularly applaud the commitment of Ms Malmström and Ms Angelilli."@en1

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