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"The European Union has set itself the target of achieving 75% employment by 2020 for those aged 20 to 64. This figure may be seen as excessive, given the particularly turbulent times that we are living in. The reality is that we are currently facing a series of challenges: the economic and financial crisis, demographic change, migratory movements that are influencing our companies’ competitiveness, particularly SMEs, in a market that is under extreme competitive pressure. For all that, we must not fall prey to the prevailing pessimism. If we assume that employment levels will rise by just over 1% a year between now and 2020, then that target is achievable. For this reason, I welcome the adoption of Ms Bastos’s report, which sets forth priority actions for rising to this challenge: improving how the labour market operates, increasing workforce qualifications, improving job quality and working conditions, and beefing up policies designed to promote job creation and sustain demand for work. It also proposes practical measures to achieve all of this: improving cooperation between educational institutions and businesses, simplifying administrative procedures in order to encourage worker mobility, and so on."@en1

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