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"Madam President, I have just a few comments. First, I would like to thank Mr Nitras, because he analysed totally correctly my report, which does not take a position on the principled question of whether there should be minimum tax rates. It is very clearly only saying – and this is also in answer to you Olle – that it should not be used for someone to repatriate and then get away with no taxation. So the report does not take a position on the question of whether we want European minimum tax rates. It does not say that certain countries are basically excluded; it is only saying that, if profits are then repatriated, they can be taxed according to the laws of the home state rather than having to take this directive into account. I would just like to say a few words in German to you, Mr Langen. One thing is clear. Given that inheritance tax and capital tax do not interest you, I find the fact that you are not interested in church tax either highly questionable. However, if you are concerned, we should renegotiate this. I would just like to say one thing and you can pass this on to Mr Schäuble: I would like him to renegotiate this agreement. That would please me a great deal. One final point concerning the answer to the question about the double taxation agreement. Mr Šemeta, you have already heard this in the question put by Ms Lulling. In the light of this bilateral agreement, Luxembourg and Austria, which are currently blocking this mandate, are asking themselves whether they should move to the automatic exchange of information and what would happen when they negotiate with third countries. You have already heard the answer, which is ‘Of course not’. When you draw up the written version of your answer, please think carefully about whether you are missing the last opportunity to prevent this bilateral approach to tax on interest. You have heard exactly what the provisions are and it is in your hands."@en1

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