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"Organised crime is an alarming phenomenon that extends far beyond national borders. It therefore requires a European response. It has major social and economic consequences, whilst the threats it poses to internal security and human rights are increasingly worrying. The adoption by a huge majority of Ms Alfano’s report is proof of the European Parliament’s determination to deal with this priority issue for justice and internal security. This is why I welcome the recommendations in this report which proposes a series of concrete measures, such as improving the effectiveness of European structures like Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as legal and police cooperation and specific actions to combat corruption in public procurement. The fight against organised crime and the establishment of mafias is an issue for everyone. The Member States are determined to bring an end to this threat. By adopting this report, the European Parliament is demonstrating its commitment to supporting all proportionate measures that will allow us to stem this major phenomenon."@en1

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