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"I fully share the commitment of the rapporteur to the problem of single mothers and I agree that the issues she has raised have an important effect on our ability to guarantee dignity to all Europeans and their children. Unfortunately, the statistics are worrying. Women still make up the majority of people most at risk of violations of fundamental rights and unequal and unfair treatment. Seventy per cent of the world’s poorest people are women. In view of the low birth rate in Europe, we are doubly obliged to help mothers in particular. The scale of the problem is very wide – it is causing the destruction of society starting from the youngest generation and is affecting all the EU’s Member States. In many Member States, the measures in place to help single mothers are unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is worth supporting efforts whose objective is to create a comprehensive system which will be an effective tool against all forms of discrimination against women in general, and single mothers in particular."@en1

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