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"I endorsed the document with conviction. I am pleased that in the report, the rapporteur has raised many very important problems. The promotion of workers’ mobility throughout the Union is of considerable importance for its function and cohesion. The right of European Union citizens to work in any of the Member States should be a part of yet greater integration between different EU Member States. Therefore, I hope that the European Commission will carefully consider the matter of the need to simplify administrative procedures related to exercising the right to the free movement of workers and that it will also give consideration to the comment in the document which talks about promoting the streamlining of administrative practices and administrative cooperation so as to allow synergy between national authorities. I am profoundly convinced that promoting workers’ mobility in the European Union will greatly help slow down the growth of unemployment in the Union, which at present stands at 10%, and that in the future, it will perhaps even help bring about a reduction in that figure."@en1

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