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"I would like to thank the rapporteur for reminding us of the challenges related to the integration of people with disabilities. Mr Kósa rightly emphasises the importance of respecting the rights of disabled people, which, as a result of many different barriers, are not properly upheld. Disabled people are more at risk of poverty, so we must endeavour to create conditions which are as helpful as possible in enabling disabled people to play an active role in life at work and in society in all Member States. In my work in the Committee on Transport and Tourism, I am reminded daily of the fact that disabled people do not know their rights. At every railway station and airport in the European Union, disabled people have the right to receive assistance – which is specified in EU law – because of their reduced mobility. Unfortunately, most disabled travellers simply do not know this, and the staff of railway stations and airports do not inform them of the rights to which they are entitled. We should therefore promote the removal of all barriers as well as tolerance towards disabled people as we strive for a fair European society."@en1

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