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"Mr President, this is a debate that has already taken place, but I shall make some comments with reference to new scenarios. Following the failed attack on a plane on 25 December 2009, more effective protection and detection technology had to be sought. Scanners at airports increase levels of security but they present problems, especially in relation to the protection of human rights. The Council and the Commission accepted Mr de Grandes Pascual’s proposal that security scanners should not use technology based on ionising radiation. Now it must be decided whether the exploration mechanism will use real passenger images or stick images, which are the most appropriate option in order to protect the intimacy, privacy, health and dignity of passengers. However, stick figures present a problem in terms of free competition since today, only one company has that technology. Although other companies in the sector have announced that they can introduce the algorithms needed in order to adapt the scanners, the machine configuration time could work against them. Therefore, the Commission should examine the timeframe for implementing the rules relating to body scanners, avoiding a possible monopoly situation and supporting decisively Parliament’s report and the report of Mr de Grandes Pascual, which are one and the same thing."@en1

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