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"Mr President, let us indeed talk about solidarity and the poor. In the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting, a blocking minority opposed the amendment to the regulation governing food aid to the most disadvantaged. Mr Sawicki has already explained their reasons. However, the Council should be reminded that 60% of the funds is needed to feed the 79 million people in Europe who live below the poverty line. Those funds are provided by national, regional and local governments, and by non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Up until last April, the European Union contributed 40%. The position taken by the blocking minority would lead to a drastic reduction in aid for next year, and a complete abolition by 2013. We condemn this. I would like to thank the Polish Presidency and the Commission for their determination to continue the programme, and I emphatically condemn the position of those Member States that formed a blocking minority. I ask those Member States: where is your compassion? Have you even heard of compassion? I urge Mr Cioloş and Mr Sawicki not to give up, because no court can go against the law of God, or against compassion."@en1

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