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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the newly established principle of ‘more for more’ should be brought to bear on the Eastern partnership, in particular, when it comes to the development of civil society. The Civil Society Forum is doing an enormous amount of work in this area. At present, it is one of the very few areas in which we have contact with the Belarusian opposition and cooperate with it. Hence, my urgent call on you, Baroness Ashton, and to you, Commissioner Füle: press for the establishment of a secretariat in Brussels for this forum, so that its work can be supported. At present, everything is done on a voluntary basis and the people involved are overwhelmed with the organisational tasks involved. This has a negative impact on substantive content, the area where we wish to see progress. The importance of this issue and the extent to which regional conflicts obstruct mutual trust and cooperation have been brought home to me by the controversies in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly. It is for this reason that conflict resolution should play a central role in our Eastern Neighbourhood Policy, particularly in the case of Transnistria, where the EU has observer-only status in the 5+2 talks and does not have the necessary acceptance or mediating powers. I am very hopeful that we can press for the release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners in Belarus at the Warsaw Summit and that we can make it clear that all other questions are dependent on this point. In future, the aim should also be for Russia to be more involved in the resolution of these problems."@en1

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