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"For several years now, European road accident statistics have been improving, but the fact remains that around 35 000 people die in road accidents and 1.5 million are injured annually. The Commission estimates that only about 27.5% of the measures in the Third European Road Safety Action Programme have been implemented. I am convinced that we have not exhausted all the legislative avenues open to us in this regard and that further regulation at European level is possible. Mr Koch’s document contains many interesting ideas but is not without its defects. I am particularly interested in the initiatives on improving the quality of training for young drivers, the introduction of obligatory eye tests for drivers and improvements in safety at level crossings. However, I am not fully convinced by some of the rapporteur’s suggestions, such as restricting the speed limit to 30 km/h in residential areas and on all single-lane roads in urban areas which have no separate cycle lane (I voted against this provision). Some of the initiatives do not include deadlines or methods of implementation, and taking the complexity of the problem into consideration, it would not be possible to introduce them at this moment in time. However, I did finally endorse the document. I believe that the European Commission will look carefully at the proposals contained in Mr Koch’s report and will present a thorough analysis of the impact of the individual proposals as soon as possible."@en1

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