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"The numerous disasters that have recently affected EU countries and other parts of the world make it imperative to take all measures possible in order to enhance Europe’s capacity to respond to disasters and catastrophes. In my role as Vice-Chair of the Delegation for relations with Japan, I followed the development of the situation in that country with particular attention, after Japan was affected by a major disaster in March of this year. This was brought about by the concurrence of an earthquake, a tsunami and a dangerous failure at a nuclear power station. Being aware of the fact that it is impossible to rule out occurrences of natural disasters or of catastrophes brought about by human beings, it is imperative for us to work out in advance various scenarios based on the use of existing mechanisms and taking into account the previously identified pool of resources. A cohesive strategy incorporating action plans, an integrated monitoring system with access to satellite information, measures to improve the flow of information and coordinated cooperation among Member States will most certainly curtail the damage to the environment, society and the economy in the event of a disaster."@en1

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