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"I have voted, with satisfaction, for the adoption of this document. The system of European Schools has been in existence in Europe for over 50 years and it presents an inspiring model. More and more educational establishments are striving to meet the demands of today by giving their children and young people a full and well-rounded education aimed at enhancing their talents and skills. This must constitute the main objective of contemporary education. Implementation of this objective requires specific legal solutions and a clear system of financing. In Poland, classes offering a European profile in education whereby students are taught within a system similar to that in university are becoming increasingly popular. Quite a few higher educational establishments already offer courses where tuition is conducted in a foreign language. Some of these establishments are even running certain courses (specialising in advanced philological studies) which can only be followed by students with a sufficient command of a foreign language. We are, therefore, at the beginning of a road that signifies important changes in the European system of education from which future pupils and students stand to benefit."@en1

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