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"As you are aware, regional policy accounts for 35.7% of the EU’s budget. It is a substantial budget, but it is necessary for the development and growth of our regions. In this period of economic and financial crisis, we bear a heavy responsibility, that of guaranteeing to our citizens that the money that they entrust to Europe is used for ambitious projects that promote growth. We have seen an improvement in the absorption of cohesion policy funds for the period 2007-2013, and we must continue to encourage these efforts. However, the absorption rates in some regions and some Member States of the EU continue to be low. That is why we must collectively strive to take all of the measures required to reverse this trend. EU procedures and rules already exist and work well. We must now simplify them in order to overcome the administrative burdens and enable small project organisers to access EU funds. Improving absorption capacity is a concern that we will have to take into account during the negotiations on the next financial perspective if we wish to ensure a return to growth in Europe."@en1

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