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"Madam President, on 29 June 2011 a group of Taliban terrorists murdered Antonio Planas in Kabul, a Spanish national like myself, aged 49, married and the father of a young girl. Until a few days ago, certain Spanish nationals who were victims of terrorist attacks outside of the European Union territory could not have access to protection and compensation mechanisms. On 23 June 2011, however, the legislation was amended to benefit terrorist victims and their relatives, irrespective of the country where the attack took place. The threat is not limited to a given territory and it must be prevented at national, EU and international level, strengthening cooperation with third countries. The defence of terrorist victims and their rights should be a priority policy in the Union, and the institutions should encourage their public recognition. Thus, we welcome the actions proposed by the Commission, although more concrete instruments to help the victims of terror are still needed. The family of Antonio Planas needs our help, and we urge the institutions concerned to provide it."@en1

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