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"I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for his very fair and comprehensive attitude towards the issue of strengthening Europe’s position on the global tourist map. The document was prepared at a good time for the European Union, which is still the most popular tourist destination in the world, in terms of the number of people arriving from outside the EU. However, we should remember that even a dominant position requires constant strengthening, especially in times of crisis. In my opinion, one of the best ideas for strengthening the leading position of the EU as the most popular tourist destination in the world is the promotion of travel to Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the context of the introduction of European heritage trails. For almost the whole of the second half of the 20th century, Central and Eastern Europe was almost completely excluded from normal tourist traffic. Taking into account the growing competition from other tourist destinations outside the EU, and also the fact that we cannot increase our competitiveness by basing our marketing on the same places we have been promoting for over half a century, I believe that opening European tourism towards the east is vital, this being an area which is not well known either in the European Union itself or worldwide."@en1

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