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"Mr President, today is the first time for many years that we are discussing trade relations between Europe and Taiwan in the European Parliament. At least, I cannot remember having had such a debate since I was elected in 2004. That demonstrates how important it is, in view of the considerable importance of Taiwan for trade relations and for the economy in Europe, that we finally debate this matter here. The core issue is: what can the European Union do in order to improve trade relations and to enhance a mutual investment climate? We have put specific questions to the Commission. I certainly understand that Commissioner Cioloş cannot go into all of the questions in detail, but he did at least read out Mr De Gucht’s script. I have to say that I am rather disappointed. We are asking specific questions, and for one specific question we have received a specific response, namely to the question regarding a free trade agreement – not in the foreseeable future. However, to the other questions we have received the reply: the weather is nice here in Strasbourg and maybe in Brussels, too, and certainly in Taiwan – but I have not heard any real concept for how the trade relations between the European Union and Taiwan can be improved. I would be very grateful if the Commission could tell us more about this, as our group held a hearing on precisely this subject a few weeks ago and I got the impression that there are indeed ways to go about improving economic relations and the investment climate, even without a free trade agreement. I would be very grateful if the Commission would address some of the suggestions made there. At this point, I would therefore like to offer my sincere thanks to Mr Andrikienė, Mr Šťastný and Mr Kazak, who were involved in initiating this hearing and who took part in it. I would really be very grateful if the Commission would not bury the subject of trade relations with Taiwan somewhere in a drawer, but instead if we could hear of a few more initiatives in this area in the next few years."@en1

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