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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to refer once again to a matter that is currently at the centre of the debate: the bond markets are under serious strain and the bond spreads are increasing all the time. We have heard today from the Commission that it is going to table a proposal for Eurobonds that will entail no amendment to the Treaty. In fact, Article 136 enables instruments to be proposed within the euro area that will result in greater budgetary discipline. Moreover, we can and should design Eurobonds in such a way that they increase the budgetary discipline of all the Member States and at the same time represent a step closer to financial solidarity. I would therefore call on the Commission to table this proposal as soon as possible. Such a proposal could ease the current situation if it is put together wisely. Do not just carry out a study; propose legislation that provides an incentive to the Member States to actually take a step in this direction. The absence here of the German Free Democratic Party and the blockade in Germany on this point are irresponsible. When your proposal arrives, the German …"@en1

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