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"Madam President, Mr Tajani, it is obvious to all of us that we urgently need new alternatives and new growth in the light of the current economic crisis. During the debt crisis which many Member States are undergoing, it should at last be clear that we cannot afford expensive stimulus packages. If we look at the results of the policies of recent decades, it is obvious that Keynes was not the answer to our problems. The first question is: what possible alternatives are there? The second question is: where is growth occurring that we can be part of? I am grateful to Mr Karas for so clearly highlighting which areas of the world are currently growing. With regard to what is preventing us from sharing in this growth, I would like to highlight the problems relating to the Modernised Customs Code which Mr Theurer and Ms Muscardini have referred to. I know that the Commission is apparently going ahead blindly and that the concerns raised in a variety of debates in Parliament and also by different committees have unfortunately so far been ignored. However, I would be very grateful if the Commission would finally take our concerns seriously and would consider how some aspects of the rules of origin can be saved. To come back to the question of where growth is happening, the answer is generally outside the European Union. It is clear that there are regions in Europe where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are very successful on global markets. My question is: are we in a position within the European Union to learn from these best practice examples? Is the right response to establish European chambers of commerce in some countries outside the EU? Would it perhaps be better to attempt to improve cooperation with the chambers of commerce, institutions and organisations which have demonstrated that they are able to introduce their SMEs to other world markets? Should we be doing everything we can to ensure that the organisations in the various Member States are better coordinated and can learn from one another more effectively? I would be very grateful if the Commission were to launch an initiative in this area."@en1

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