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"In accordance with the approach contained in the Europe 2020 strategy, the most important social objectives are now the fight against poverty, discrimination and the ageing of society, while at the same time striving to avoid or ease tensions between generations. This is why it is so important to introduce specific, long-term measures for the labour market and the pensions system. In many EU Member States, this will involve a considerable number of changes. The common practice of discrimination based on age and sex means that only one in three women approaching retirement age can count on having a job, and this is often a part-time and poorly-paid job. Often their good state of health, their willingness to work and particularly their skills and qualifications would allow them to have a full-time job for many years to come. The rapporteur has rightly drawn attention to the need for lifelong education and the creation of opportunities for obtaining new qualifications to enable people to stay in the labour market. It is essential to put in place measures to popularise flexible forms of employment, which will allow women to reconcile their working lives with their personal lives. The greatest challenge is to work on changing the attitude of employers to older people and to remove the pressure to retire at a fixed age. Let us remember that older people have full rights, and, as is shown by research, are the most loyal employees. Particularly when faced by problems with having to pay the benefits guaranteed to citizens in many of the EU’s Member States, we should take notice of the potential of the 50+ generation."@en1

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