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"− The debate on the demographic future of Europe is one of the most important and most serious debates held in the European Parliament. It relates to elderly people, quality of life in advanced age and the future of every one of us. This is a great challenge from which we Europeans may benefit greatly, in spite of the many associated risks. The designation of 2012 as the European Year for Active Ageing is a very valuable initiative. We must be aware of all the consequences of the ageing of European society, and also do everything in our power to eliminate the negative effects of this process. Our potential contributions to these measures, as Members of the European Parliament, certainly include promotion of the European programmes Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig. Thanks to these programmes, senior citizens’ organisations are implementing ever more ambitious plans, and encouraging an ever greater number of senior citizens to become active. I would also like to add that I myself, working with my local assistants, cooperate with the University of the Third Age, and our contacts bring us mutual benefits. I would therefore like to encourage others to undertake similar measures, so that the year 2012 helps to bring about a radical increase in active ageing."@en1

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