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"The challenges created by ageing and dependency represent major concerns for EU countries which are faced with rapidly ageing populations and a drop in the proportion of people of working age. In 2060, Europe is expected to have two people of working age for every retired person over 65, and public expenditure linked to ageing is expected to increase significantly. By designating 2012 as a European Year for Active Ageing, Member States and European institutions are making a firm commitment to improving labour opportunities and conditions for older workers, to intergenerational solidarity and to achieving better inclusion of older people in our society. These commitments should materialise in public awareness initiatives, the sharing of good practices between Member States and the promotion of local, national and EU-wide initiatives. National coordinators will be responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of the activities organised in Member States or at EU level throughout the year. That is why I particularly welcome the adoption of this report, which reflects MEPs’ determination to tackle what I believe is a core issue."@en1

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