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"Madam President, the reality: 30 million people are malnourished and 79 million people live in poverty; the tragedy: a court decision; the shame: that we allow this. The European Parliament must make its unanimous and powerful voice heard. This is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the weakest people. We must make a distinction between selfish rhetoric and real solidarity. We, Madam President, must create the momentum so that the Council allows us to do away with the blocking minority. We are wholeheartedly calling for the solidarity – agreed to yesterday in this House – of the President-in-Office of the Council, of the Polish Presidency. Ladies and gentlemen, Parliament cannot forsake millions of people, the poorest of the poor, who suffer the most acute effects of the crisis. We are talking about a budget going from EUR 500 million to EUR 113 million, which is a decrease of 63%. Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, within an hour, Parliament must clearly declare that, regardless of the outcome of the court decision, the essence of the EU, which is solidarity, is present here, in this House, the house of the people and of the European peoples."@en1

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