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"Mr President, I, too, would like to congratulate you on your new office. Mr President, Mr Vice-President, it is very easy to speak after the three preceding speakers as we, in this House, have had a common cross-party position on this subject for quite some time and are acting in concert. You can therefore regard everything that has been said already as echoed by me. I do have two thoughts to add, however. First of all, Commissioner Šefčovič, you made reference to the Polish Presidency of the Council. It was an important reference that you made, as we are in a position to observe together that the Polish Presidency wishes to accord a quite special significance to the common security and defence policy (CSDP). The Presidency wishes to actively engage, for example, in the issue of ‘pooling and sharing’ in relation to ‘battlegroups’. I believe that that is a sound basis on which to attempt, in partnership with the Polish Presidency, to actually take a step forwards in this regard. I would very much welcome it if this House, too, would very actively approach the Polish lower house, the the competent committee there, and those in Poland with an interest in this issue, in order to ensure that we actually go the whole nine yards in this regard. The second thought that I wanted to add is as follows. Given that what has been said in connection with the duties of the European Parliament as part of the CSDP is correct, Parliament must also ensure that, within the framework of the internal rules applicable in this House, the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, which bears primary responsibility for this area, is given the ability to actually fulfil this role. We have an obligation to fulfil in this regard, and we are not good enough at it at this point in time. If we want our counterparts in the national parliaments to take us seriously, we must be able to work more effectively ourselves, and to do that, there are a couple of rules that we need to emend."@en1

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