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"I am pleased with the result of today’s vote. The outcome of the vote was uncertain to the end, so I welcomed the news that the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe had withdrawn Amendment 36. This will enable adoption of the document at second reading. According to the results of research, drivers more often commit traffic offences when they are not in their own country, and sanctions imposed for offences committed on the territory of Member States other than the driver’s country of residence are most frequently not enforced. The draft resolution which has been adopted today provides for the electronic exchange of information between the police of EU Member States about a driver from a foreign country who has committed a traffic offence. The national authorities with which the driver’s vehicle is registered will be obliged to provide the vehicle’s registration data if its owner is suspected of committing an offence. The police will then inform the owner or driver of the vehicle in writing in the owner or driver’s native language that an offence has been committed. I am sure that the document which has been adopted today will help save at least a few human lives on Europe’s roads."@en1

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