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"Mr President, Mr Grabarczyk, Commissioner, tomorrow at midday we will vote on the Sender report. After years spent negotiating positions, we have an opportunity to create a single EU electronic network for the exchange of data. We have an opportunity to make significant improvements to safety on Europe’s roads. I know that many of you are wondering whether to support Amendment 36 on correlation tables tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, we have no time for further delays in adopting this report. Every day costs the lives of at least several people using Europe’s roads. I am opposed to prioritising procedural issues over matters of substance, and in this instance we are dealing with an attempt to prove the superiority of one position over another at all costs. I only have a few seconds left, and so I shall be brief. On behalf of the millions of individuals who travel on Europe’s roads on a daily basis, I am asking for support in tomorrow’s vote for this difficult compromise between Parliament and the Council."@en1

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