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"− I supported the motion for a resolutionduring today’s vote. After the consultations I held last year with rural homemakers’ clubs, I know how important access to universal services is in rural areas. The directive on universal service will prevent social exclusion, since one of the things guaranteed by its provisions is that citizens of rural areas will have access to basic and essential telecommunications services at favourable prices. This will undoubtedly help to raise awareness of the emergency number 112. The latest Eurobarometer survey published in early 2011 shows that only 26% of EU citizens know that they should dial 112 if they want to call the emergency services within EU territory, and 58% of EU citizens still believe that the residents of their country have not been properly informed about the existence of the emergency number. This is a very alarming situation. As a rule, EU citizens know the number to call for the police, fire brigade or ambulance service in their own Member State, but if they are abroad and have to call for assistance, they are helpless."@en1

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