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"− I was happy to hear the result of this vote. The European Economic and Social Committee very often provides the European Parliament with specialist assistance. I have cooperated with the Committee on many occasions during work on civil aviation documents, and I have always been very favourably impressed by the EESC specialists’ assistance. Today I would like to ask for issues relating to passengers with reduced mobility to be taken into consideration during the consultations. I need only refer to the recent information campaign by the European Commission on the rights of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility travelling by air; information posters were put up in airports, and an appealing television advertisement was even filmed. Unfortunately, no mention was made of a large group of travellers who belong to the category of passengers with reduced mobility, namely mothers or fathers travelling on their own with small children. This is an inexcusable oversight. I believe that the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Parliament will succeed in demanding that the European Commission respects the rights of all individuals travelling by air who belong to the category of passengers with reduced mobility."@en1

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