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"Mr President, 30 million people in the European Union suffer from malnutrition and a further 79 million live below the poverty threshold. Most of them depend on food aid provided primarily by food banks. Some 40% of the funds needed to provide this food come from contributions made by the Union, through the European Scheme for food distribution to the most deprived persons in the Union. This scheme has been implemented to date in accordance with the provisions of Commission Regulation (EC) No 983/2008 establishing aid for the purchase of cereals, skimmed milk powder and rice. The Regulation was partially revoked in April by the General Court of the European Union, with the budget for food aid being reduced from EUR 500 million to EUR 133 million. The integration of the European Union has historically been based on the principle of solidarity. This is why, Mr President, we urge the new Polish Presidency and the European Parliament, now more than ever, to show their commitment to helping the most deprived, and to re-establishing the budget appropriation that is currently so limited."@en1

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