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". Mr President, Mr Lewandowski, Mrs Balzani, firstly I would like to thank Mrs Balzani very much on behalf of my committee for her very hard work and her close cooperation. She sets a very good example. Mr Lewandowski, you have said that a business-as-usual approach is not acceptable. That is, of course, absolutely right. However, if we look at the energy priority area in the Europe 2020 strategy, it is clear that the Commission has a slight tendency to go on as before, because the priority area has not been fully financed. Cuts are even being made in an important area of energy policy and this really does not make sense. As the Americans say, we must put our money where our mouth is and not make commitments which we then fail to fulfil. Secondly, we in the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy want to make sure that the dramatic increase in costs for major projects such as the ITER nuclear fusion reactor and the GALILEO PAS global navigation system does not eat into the research budget any further. We have made proposals on this subject and we would be pleased if they received a positive response. Ultimately, this is all about small and medium-sized businesses. We want to lay down the priorities for their access to research and innovation funding and to innovative financial instruments."@en1

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