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"Mr President, we in the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance want to see strong European economic governance. This means that on the one hand we need strong rules for dealing with imbalances – as set out in Mrs Ferreira’s report – and naturally we also need sanctions for these. That is why we will be voting in favour of these two reports, just as we will for the report by Mrs Ford, which provides the statistical basis for our economic cooperation. Likewise, as regards the three reports on the Stability and Growth Pact: a common euro, and in addition we need limits in Europe on deficits and debt. Such limits have been exceeded in this crisis. However, it is important to consider how the deficits and debt are reduced. At present we are seeing time and again in Greece, Portugal and Ireland that, under pressure from the European Commission, in negotiations with the national governments results and packages have been put together in which it is the weakest that suffer, and in which the wealthy – who did very well out of the previous 20 years – are left alone. This has shaken people’s faith in the process. That is why we in the Group of the Greens want the EU2020 objectives to be fully binding in the Stability and Growth Pact and in the reports, and also the deficit and debt objectives. In not accepting this, ladies and gentlemen of the liberal and conservative groups, you have opted out of one of the principles of social cohesion in Europe. We cannot support that. We consider it highly regrettable, because we would have liked to have seen a broad pro-European majority here in Parliament. If these reports do not get a majority tomorrow then we are always prepared to work together constructively to achieve a common solution for economic governance that takes social and economic responsibilities equally seriously."@en1

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