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"Research and development play a large part in modernising our economies and strengthening our competitiveness. With a budget of EUR 54 billion for the period 2007-2013, the Seventh Framework Programme for research and development is the world’s largest programme of support for research. The adoption of this report by a strong majority is testament to Parliament’s keen interest for the success of this programme and subsequent ones. Efforts still need to be made to ensure sound management of public money and prevent funds from being spread too thinly in projects that are not very efficient or that do not meet our needs. The future of European research will involve simplifying how programmes are implemented, facilitating access to funding, the participation of small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) but, above all, adapting our priorities to society’s great challenges (ageing population, climate change, and so on). I am convinced that the European Union has a leading role to play in the development of large research programmes and that it can bring real added value by consolidating the European Research Area (ERA). That is why I decided to lend my full support to this report."@en1

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