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"Mr President, I should like to congratulate Mr Coelho, and I do this because his work is consistently rigorous. I now add that we must help Bulgaria and Romania. I trust Bulgaria and Romania. They have worked well and hard and they should receive what is theirs by right – this is no gift. The Presidency-in-office of the Council and the Commissioner, Mrs Malmström, have both stated that these two countries comply with the technical and legal requirements, and I add my voice to theirs. I believe we should not consider any criteria other than the strictly technical and legal. These criteria essentially number five. They comply with the following: they comply with the data protection requirements, they comply with the Schengen Information System (SIS), they comply with police cooperation, they comply with the issue of visas and they comply with the control of external borders by air, sea and land. Strictly speaking, they also comply with the SIS and with the Supplementary Information Request at the National Entry (SIRENE). In view of all this, this House should send an unequivocally strong message to the Council and, notably, to the permanent representations of five countries that I shall refrain from mentioning but which are in the minds of all of us here today. I do believe, ladies and gentlemen, that in including Romania and Bulgaria in the Schengen area, which comprises more than four hundred million human beings, we are adding, not subtracting; we are building a stronger Europe. Furthermore, we should avoid double standards. Nor should we set conditions for Romania and Bulgaria that we do not ask of the other Member States in order to form part of this area of freedom. Thus, to end my speech, I fervently express my wish for a strong, majority-endorsed message to be sent from this House to the Council. Congratulations once again, Mr Coelho, and congratulations to Romania and Bulgaria."@en1

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