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"I am convinced that actions to promote the use of EGNOS and Galileo in civil aviation are crucial for implementation of the Single European Sky ATM Research programme. Unfortunately, as the rapporteur has emphasised in her document, introduction of the Galileo system continues to be beset by new problems. I agree with the call to the Commission to ensure swift certification of EGNOS for civil aviation. I have often stressed already that I am an enthusiast of the concept of the Single European Sky and the Single European Sky ATM Research programme. Rapid and full realisation of the European air space is a very important strategic step towards real integration of the Union and strengthening the common market. Without Galileo, we will not have SESAR, and without SESAR, we will not achieve Single European Sky 2. Let us remember that in this area in particular, we are dealing with a system of interconnected vessels – a weakness in one part will have a disastrous effect on the rest."@en1

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