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"I am convinced that the European Union needs harmonised guidelines which enable Member States to make charges for external costs created by the road transport sector. However, we must remember that transport firms, particularly during a crisis, will not be able to afford to change their fleets quickly and buy vehicles which comply with the Euro V and VI standards. We cannot, therefore, punish hauliers for external factors over which they have no influence. In my opinion, we need to try to achieve a maximum extension of the period during which incentives apply to the ecologically cleanest vehicles. Transport firms which invest in low-emission technologies must have the right to an appropriate period during which their investments are guaranteed, when they would pay the lowest charges or be exempt. Finally, we very often emphasise in Parliament that people are the most important. Let us remember, therefore, that the transport sector around the Union not only represents excessive noise or CO emissions but also represents, above all, hundreds of thousands of jobs and an important component of GDP in many Member States."@en1

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