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". For a variety of reasons, I have voted in favour of the Gualtieri report. The rapporteur has worked very well together with my group. Many of our amendments have been turned into compromise texts. Out of 29 amendments tabled by the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, 21 have been included in the report. Finally, many of the positions which we have supported and called for form part of the report. I am very critical of the call for the incorporation of arms research into the common strategic framework for research and innovation. The proposal for the use of so-called Battlegroups in the case of natural disasters is also inappropriate. The extensive reference to the US Department for Homeland Security as an example of a suitable anti-terrorism policy is at best irritating. I take a very positive view of the extremely open and realistic assessment of the individual common security and defence policy (CSDP) missions, of the statements on women and security, on disarmament and on the human rights clause in anti-terrorism measures, and of the clear reference to the decision not to mix civilian and military operations. Finally, the rapporteur also covered one fundamental issue: opposition to absolute strategic autonomy as the final outcome of the CSDP."@en1

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